Fall into FIT Challenge by Erin Stern

Fall into FIT Challenge

πŸ’ͺ4 Weeks of amazing workouts and support!
Does 2020 have you a bit off? Join us for a November to remember! Gym & Home workouts included...

πŸ‘‡Join the Fit Fam for this Challenge...

πŸ’­ Imagine A Fitness Challenge That Combines 3 Scientifically Proven Techniques For Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Increased Strength & Power...

– all in less time than traditional weights & hours of 😰cardio.

Are you ready to find a sustainable meal plan that fits your lifestyle and a training program that doesn't take hours upon hours in the gym? Sound good?

Then this Challenge might be for you! Keep reading...

The πŸ‚Fall into FIT ChallengeπŸ’ͺ Will Dial-In A Workout Routine and A Meal Plan For You So You Can Get The Results You're Wanting To Achieve!

You'll have complete guided workouts and easy meal plans that are designed to maximize your results. They can also be tweaked to fit your needs.

Guided Workout Routines Structured To Take Away The Guesswork and Maximize Your Results.

Going to the gym or working out from home can be overwhelming when you don't have a plan and a step-by-step routine to follow. You might have good intentions, but soon you find out how much time you've wasted. You won't have to worry about that with Erin's step-by-step workouts and videos.

Simple Meal Guides To Fit Your Lifestyle.

There's nothing worse than putting all that time in the gym to only sabotage yourself with a poorly thought out meal plan. Abs are made in the kitchen, right? So, each week - you'll have everything planned out for you when you join the FitU Challenge! Join, Follow the Plan, See Results!

A Support Group Full of Strong & Empowering Women Ready To Help You Reach Your Goals.

 Going to the gym by yourself is one thing, not having anyone to encourage you is another! Your fitness journey can be a lonely path or it can be an uplifting enjoyable experience.

Which one would you rather have?

A Simple 3-Step Plan to Get You Results You Want!

1. Join Challenge

Once you enroll into the Fall into FIT Challenge you'll have access to everything you need to get going. 

2. Follow the Plan

Start putting in the work. Follow the workout program and the meal plans as closely as you can.

3. See Results

As you progress through the Challenge you'll notice some transformations. Mind & Body!

Meet Your Fit Coach

Erin Stern has been called a ROCKSTAR in the fitness world! Even given the nickname Iron Erin - 14x IFFB Bodybuilding Champion, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia Champion, and has been featured on the cover of 20+ fitness magazines.
She Knows How To Get You Results!

πŸ™Œ Members Are Raving About Erin's Challenges...

"The best coach you can possibly find... I've tried a couple and they're nowhere close to what Erin provides or represents. With a big understanding for individual needs combined with a huge source of knowledge and a great, warm personality. Highly recommended!"
β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…
Lottie D.
"Erin has great workouts, diet plans with a grocery list. She answers your questions if you have them. She is very motivating."
β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…
Diane M.
"I’ve seen my best results following the training by Erin Stern. Her programs are challenging yet fun. Not only is she an amazing coach she’s committed in helping her clients succeed. Erin is the best in the fitness industry."
β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…
Estrella S.

Erin's Training Is Trusted By Industry Leaders.

Erin is regarded as one of the greatest figure icons in the history of bodybuilding. On top of being a 2x Ms. Figure Olympia Champion and a 14x IFBB Champion, Erin is a fitness model, author, spokesperson, and fit coach!

With over 20 magazine covers to her credit, Erin has become a popular face and figure in the homes and gyms of serious athletes worldwide. She knows the training that will get you the results and the physique you want to achieve.

Your Challenge Enrollment includes:

βœ” Instant Access to The Fall into FIT Challenge
βœ” Workouts, Meal Guides, and Other Resources
βœ” Fit University Support Group (30 Day Access)
βœ” An Experience That Can Change Your Life
βœ” Exclusive Discount to other ESF programs

Training Videos

Exercise demonstration videos performing the daily workouts during the FitU Challenge.

Workout & Meal Guides

Weekly workouts and meal guides designed to get you the best results you can in 4-Weeks.

Unlimited Support

You'll have unlimited access to the Members-Only group for 30 full days during your 4-Week Challenge.

Weekly Live Q&A

A weekly live Q&A is hosted in the members-only group every Sunday at 6PM EST.


Can I do this program if I work out at home?

Yes, this Fall into FIT Challenge includes gym & home workouts.

I need to lose weight, is this program for me?

Yes! We’ll focus on inches lost, rather than weight lost. This program can help you gain muscle while losing body fat.

Do I follow the meal guide exactly?

The meal guide is meant to be tweaked according to your height, weight, age, and BMR.
There are calculators and detailed docs that walk you through exactly how to do it!

Do you have meal guides for vegetarians?

Meal guide types include vegetarian, vegan, keto, calorie cycling, gaining muscle, and more meal guides come out each month inside The Fit University Membership!

Do I have to pay for any future updates to The 4-Week Challenge?

No. You will always have access to the Fall into FIT Challenge content & resources. There is an optional upgrade (exclusive discount) after the 4-Weeks so you can continue gaining momentum, get the next phase of workouts, meal guides each month, and access to Erin's Members-Only Support Group - The Fit University monthly membership.

I just joined. I'm Excited! Where do I start?

Week 1 workouts are a great place to start. Be sure to look over all of the meal guides,
as you may find one in later months that suits your needs better. Also, be sure to request to join the Members-Only Facebook group. Introduce yourself and your goals or just soak it up and enjoy your 30-Day access.

What's included?

Video Icon 30 videos File Icon 15 files Text Icon 8 text files


What to do NEXT?
How To Track Your Progress
Q&A Replay: Nov 1st
(1h 02m 31s)
WK1-Day 1: Legs
3 mins
WK1-Day 2: Shoulders/ Optional Abs
3 mins
WK1-Day 3: Back/HIIT
3 mins
WK1-Day 4: Legs
3 mins
WK1-Day 5: Shoulders/ Optional Abs
3 mins
WK1-Day 6: Chest/Arms/HIIT
3 mins
148 KB
4 MB
WK1-Q&A: Post Your Questions
WK1-Q&A Replay: Nov 8th
(1h 01m 46s)
WK2-Day 1: Legs
3 mins
WK2-Day 2: Shoulders/ Optional Abs
3 mins
WK2-Day 3: Back/HIIT
3 mins
WK2-Day 4: Legs
3 mins
WK2-Day 5: Shoulders/ Optional Abs
3 mins
WK2-Day 6: Chest/Arms/ HIIT
3 mins
418 KB
4.26 MB
WK2-Q&A: Post Your Questions
WK2-Q&A Replay: Nov 15th
(1h 01m 47s)
WK3-Day 1: Legs
3 mins
WK3-Day 2: Back/HIIT
3 mins
WK3-Day 3: Shoulders/ Optional Abs
3 mins
WK3-Day 4: Legs
3 mins
WK3-Day 5: Chest/Arms/HIIT
3 mins
WK3-Day 6: Shoulders/ Optional Abs
3 mins
119 KB
3.97 MB
WK3-Q&A: Post Your Questions
WK4-Day 1: Legs
3 mins
WK4-Day 2: Back
3 mins
WK4-Day 3: Shoulders/Abs/ HIIT
3 mins
WK4-Day 4: Legs
3 mins
WK4-Day 5: Chest/Arms/HIIT
3 mins
WK4-Day 6: *Optional Shoulders/Abs
3 mins
121 KB
4.04 MB
WK4-Q&A: Post Your Questions
Fall Challenge - High Carb Meal Plan - Erin Stern Fitness.pdf
388 KB
Fall Challenge - Lower Carb Meal Plan - Erin Stern Fitness.pdf
374 KB
Fall Challenge - Vegetarian Meal Plan - Erin Stern Fitness.pdf
305 KB
Fall Challenge - Vegan Meal Plan - Erin Stern Fitness.pdf
304 KB
Fall Challenge - Keto Meal Plan - Erin Stern Fitness.pdf
377 KB
Lower Body Warm Up Ideas
3 mins
Upper Body Warm Up Ideas
3 mins
Progress Tracker
161 KB
Macro Easy Calorie Calc - Erin Stern Fitness.xlsx
1.35 MB
Macros Bonus Q&A
(1h 18m 35s)

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