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The FitU 4-Week Challenge

Gym Workouts Only
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8-Week Summer Challenge

Gym & Home Workouts
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Bikini Bod

This 90-day program focuses on building broad shoulders and round glutes, toning the arms and legs, defining core and reducing waist...
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Gain Muscle Program

Gain strategic muscle without bulking w/ this 90-day comprehensive training program & meal guide. Based on traditional bodybuilding splits..
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Strong Curves

Build a superhero physique while leaning down with this 90-day comprehensive training program and meal guide. Workouts focus on building...
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Get Lean Program

Get lean, maintain muscle, and do it with little to no steady state cardio! This 90-day program offers a sustainable solution to dropping...
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Lose The Last 5lbs

This course is designed to help you break through any plateau, and to get you in the best shape of your life. In this course, we’ll...
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The Fit University (FitU) by Erin Stern

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